How To Get Vehicle Finance In New Zealand: What You Need To Know

Car loan explained

What you will find out in this article:

  • What is vehicle finance?
  • Car loan V.S Personal loan
  • Who can apply for vehicle finance in New Zealand?
  • How do I apply for vehicle finance?
  • How do I get better rates on a car loan?
  • What do I need to apply for car finance?
  • Can I apply for a car loan if I hold a learner license?
  • Can I apply for a car loan if I have bad credit?
  • Can I apply for a car loan if I haven’t decided on the car?
  • Can I apply for a car loan if I don’t have assets?
  • Does applying for a car loan impact my credit score?
  • Can I change my mind about the car after my loan is approved?

What is vehicle finance?

A car loan is a short-term loan intended to help a borrower to purchase a vehicle. In New Zealand, you can apply for a loan either through the bank, a broker or a car dealership. In return, the lender expects to receive monthly repayments until the principal and interest are fully paid back.

Two questions we see pop up quite often at Pro Auto Quotes are; “How much can I borrow” and “What interest rates can I get?” The answer to these two questions is entirely dependent on each person’s financial situation.

If you want to know whether you can apply for a loan or want to have a quote, click here to take our quiz. David, the Pro Auto Quotes finance expert will then have a chat with you.


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