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Boat loan

Getting a boat loan and buying a boat can be daunting. It takes time to do research on the boat model, brand and type. You also need to know what to notice and check before you buy it. 

Selecting a boat is never a simple process.

At Pro Auto Quotes, we understand how tough searching for a right boat can be. That is why we want to take the pressure of searching for a right finance off your shoulder. 

Boat loan explained

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get a boat loan you deserve

When choosing a professional finance company for your boat loan, you want to make sure you pick the one with passion and dedication to the job.

 You need someone cares about getting the best finance deal for you.

We founded Pro Auto Quotes to help Kiwis get the boat loans they deserve and we think we can offer a better way to get boat finance.

Low interest rate

At Pro Auto Quotes we have access to multiple financiers and you get multiple quotes based on your situation.

It's our duty to bring you the chance to compare and choose the best interest rates.

Protect your Credit Score

Getting quotes from us won't impact your credit score.

We also make sure you have a big chance to get approved before we send your profile to lenders.

Total Transparency

We carefully show you all the fees and interest rates in the quotes so there are no unexpected surprises.

We are here to help our customers make informed financial decisions before getting the loan.

Work For You

We go to multiple companies for you and supply you with all the quotes therefore you are able to make the best decision on your finance.

We take your personal situation into consideration and advocate on your behalf.

No obligation at all

Our goal is to help customers understand and find the best loan option.

Plus, it is all done for free with no obligations!

You are welcome to choose the loan that makes the most sense to you, through us or not.

Help you save

We show you all the quotes you're eligible for and take time to describe the different fees and interest rates in each one.

As a result, you have the confidence to make an informed decision.

What does your Boat loan look like?

Pro Auto Quotes is a professional, licensed finance business located in Palmerston North. We work hard to get our customers the car finance they deserve with total transparency. Our goal is to help you find the best loan suits your needs.

How much can I borrow?

Take our simple borrowing power quiz so you have an idea of how much you can borrow for your car loan

How much Do I repay?

Our repayment calculator helps you find out what your monthly/fortnightly/weekly repayments might look like and how they are calculated

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All quotes we offer to you show the exact fees and rates so you don't need to worry about hidden fees during the loan application process.


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We take care of all the paperwork and keep you informed at every stage of application process. We work hard to advocate for you to get the loan approved.

Once you get approved, we guide you through the loan contract, help you understand your rights and obligations before you sign it.


Have some questions? here are answers
We are a digital car loan service provider that can match customers with lenders. We offer you quotes based on your personal profile and you can choose the best one. Our quotes show you fees and interest rates upfront so there is no hidden surprise.
We know car finance can have a big impact on Kiwi lives. It’s sooooo important to gather enough information for a smart decision. We make this process easier by offering an easy to apply for quote and then showing you all the options you can get from our panel of lenders. Then you can choose the one best suited to you.


It’s a good question! Here are a couple of reasons: our quotes are easy to apply for and we show you all the options with total transparency. The quotes are all based on your situation. The rates and fees are specifically tailored for you. Plus we use a method called the “soft pull” so our quotes won’t lower your credit score.


Easy, click here and follow a few simple steps to provide us with your basic details and you’ll instantly gain access to your best quotes from our lender panel. 


With the information you provide us when you apply for a quote, we use a way called the “soft pull” to check your credit score. It’s simply a review of your credit, and there’s no in-depth check, so that’s why your credit isn’t affected.

Let us help you with your boat loan

Getting a boat loan can be a hassle, especially when you are not 100% familiar with the process. Pro Auto Quotes is here to take the weight off your shoulders! We are here to make the process of choosing and applying a boat loan easier on you, as well as advocate for your specific situation. If you are looking to get your free quotes, apply here or give us a call at 020-4099-6519 today! We are ready to jump in whenever you need us.

When we say "easy", we mean it

You want easy, we get it. Our online boat loan quote application only takes 1 minute 43 seconds to finish. You'll gain access to your best quotes from our lender panel.

Everyone is different

We are tired of those generic finance quotes based on "the example". Everyone is different, that's why we tailor your quotes based on your situation.

No hidden fees

No one wants to be tricked. We want to give you the quote that shows all the interest rates and the fees upfront. We provide quotes with total transparency.

Treat you the way we love to be treated

We experienced poor service when we applied for a loan before. We know exactly how that feels. Therefore we want to be different. We want to give you the service that we wish we could had.

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Efficient service and very helpful. I spoke with David throughout my application and he clearly explained each step and what was required. My loan was quickly approved and I would highly recommend Pro Auto Quotes to all those who are looking to buy their next car.
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Graham. H
Awesome, David is super helpful and helps me get the best possible outcome in our challenging financial situation. I am so grateful for the assistance I received. Everything was quick and easy.
Vehicle finance testimonial 3
Abbey. M
I have never used a finance broker before and was very happy with the service. David was very responsive, very courteous and clearly outlined my options and the pros and cons of each in an objective way. Consistently and quickly followed up on everything as promised.
Vehicle finance testimonial 2
David. G
Prompt service. I am happy with the service that was provided by David. He was very helpful and explained everything clearly which made things very easy for me to complete. The prompt reply of emails and updates was absolutely amazing.
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Cathy. L
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