Car loan repayment calculator

Find out what your car loan repayments might look like monthly, fortnightly and weekly.

Disclaimer: This car loan repayment calculator is an estimate only and is based on your loan principal and interest which doesn’t include the loan establishment fee, broker service fee or maintenace fee. This information is provided for illustaration purposes only and the results are based on the accuracy of information provided. Any calculations made by this calculator are intended to be used as a guide only and must not be relied on by any reason as conclusive. It does not constitute a quote from Pro Auto Quotes. 

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🤗 How are car loan repayments calculated

Your car loan repayments are a combination of annual interest rates and the principal loan amount. The frequency of your repayments and your loan term are also taken into consideration when determining your repayment amount.

🔐 How to pay the car loan

Car loan repayments can usually be made either weekly, fornightly, or monthly throughout the life of your loan and are paid through direct debit.

💕 How to know my actual rates?

Tell us a bit about yourself and we'll provide you with free quotes on your car loan. So you know what exactly you can get and pay before applying for the loan. All the quotes are 100% rate and fee transparent.

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