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GAP Insurance

Gap (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance is a type of insurance you can buy to protect you when you finance a car. 

It’s designed to cover the difference between the car your insurance provider would pay out if your car is stolen or written off and the price you need to pay for your loan.

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Do I need gap insurance?

Gap insurance is useful but it doesn’t mean everyone needs it.

Here are two situations that gap insurance is certainly worthwhile considering:

If you finance your car

Gap insurance can offer a way to pay off ourstanding finance on your car.

For example, if you buy a new car on finance for $15000, a month later you have an accident in your car and your car is written off. The car insurance company estimates that your car is worth $10000 so they provide $10000 to you as a financial settlement for the loss of your car.

This leaves you $5000 down, which means you still owe $5000 plus interest to your finance company for a car you no longer own. If you have gap insurance, then it can cover the $5000 so you won't be in the debt for something you don't own.

If you're worried about the depreciation of your car

Gap insurance is designed to cover the difference between the price you pay for the car and its current market value.

The car insurance company only pays you the current market value of your car when you make a claim - it’s important to know cars can lose their value rapidly over time - therefore, you could possibly end up getting back 1/2 or 1/3 of what you actually paid for your car.

If you bought a car for $15000 and it depreciated by 40% in the first two years, the car would be worth $9000. If your car is stolen or written off, the car insurance would pay you $9000(minus any excess), and if you have Gap insurance, the gap insurer would cover the remaining $6000 so you still have $15000 to buy a new car.

How do i get the good insurance?

Pro Auto Quotes is a professional, licensed finance business located in Palmerston North. We work hard to get our customers the car insurance they deserve with total transparency. Our goal is to help you find the best car insurance suits your needs.

What type of insurance do I need?

Take our simple insurance matching quiz so you have an idea of what insurance you need for your new car

What should i Watch out for insurance?

Our insurance check list helps you know what important element you should look our for in an insurance policy

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We are a digital car loan service provider that can match customers with lenders. We offer you quotes based on your personal profile and you can choose the best one. Our quotes show you fees and interest rates upfront so there is no hidden surprise.
We know car finance can have a big impact on Kiwi lives. It’s sooooo important to gather enough information for a smart decision. We make this process easier by offering an easy to apply for quote and then showing you all the options you can get from our panel of lenders. Then you can choose the one best suited to you.


It’s a good question! Here are a couple of reasons: our quotes are easy to apply for and we show you all the options with total transparency. The quotes are all based on your situation. The rates and fees are specifically tailored for you. Plus we use a method called the “soft pull” so our quotes won’t lower your credit score.


Easy, click here and follow a few simple steps to provide us with your basic details and you’ll instantly gain access to your best quotes from our lender panel. 


With the information you provide with us when you apply for the quote, we use a way called the “soft pull” to check your credit score. It’s simply a review of your credit, and there’s no in-depth check, so that’s why your credit isn’t affected.

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